Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre seminar: Targeting hypoxia in pancreatic cancer Event as iCalendar

02 December 2013

11am - 12pm

Venue: Seminar Room 503-020, Building 503, 85 Park Road, Grafton

Dr David Hedley is a senior scientist and medical oncologist at OCI/PMH.  His laboratory program focuses on pancreatic and biliary tract cancers, with a focus on preclinical development of novel approaches to treating these highly lethal cancers.  There is particular emphasis on the tumor microenvironment and its effects on biological aggression and response to targeted agents. It makes extensive use of primary xenografts which, when implanted to the orthotopic site, strikingly recapitulate the clinical features.  Current areas of interest are the relationships between the microenvironment and cancer stem cell-like phenotypes, therapeutic targeting of tumour hypoxia, and clinical studies assessing hypoxia in pancreas cancer patients based on the detection of 2-nitroimidazole probes by immunhistochemistry and PET imaging.

Dr Hedley has technical expertise in high dimensional flow cytometry to study complex biological processes occurring in heterogeneous cell populations, and has published extensively on this subject.  He collaborates closely with the Leukemia Program, both in the development and application of flow cytometry techniques for pharmacodynamic monitoring in clinical trials patients, and in research projects studying damage response signaling.  Recently his group has been developing flow cytometry techniques for studying epigenetic mechanisms in patient samples, based on combinations of antibodies directed towards relevant histone marks.

For further information please contact: Bill Wilson