Liggins Institute Inaugural Lectures: Professor David Cameron-Smith - The secret adventures of food - what really goes on inside? Event as iCalendar

25 November 2013

4:30 - 6pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 505-007, Ground Floor, Building 505, 85 Park Road, Grafton

Good nutrition is frequently summed up as “everything in moderation”. Yet despite this moderation obesity, diabetes and heart disease rates continue to rise. This moderation, whatever it is, is not working. Added to the complexity is rapid population ageing. Is moderation still the best approach to maintaining optimal health and wellness as we grow old? This will be a spicy presentation, with some fermentation and toxic by-products.

David Cameron-Smith is Professor of Nutrition and Research Director at the Liggins Institute . His appointment in 2011 was part of the University of Auckland’s strategic initiative in Food and Health. Professor Cameron-Smith is fascinated by the mystery of how what we eat determines our long term health and wellbeing. His research focuses on understanding the complex biological processes involved in digestion and in making and losing muscle – and how these change across the life-course. He has a particular interest discovering how nutrition can be optimised to reduce early signs of ageing, boost athletic performance and help people of all ages maximise the benefits of healthy diets.

Hospitality from 4.30pm: Liggins Institute foyer, Ground floor, building 505, Lecture begins 5pm: Lecture Theatre 505-007

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