PharmaTell seminar: Triggered delivery for agricultural applications Event as iCalendar

19 November 2013

12 - 1pm

Venue: Room 505-364, Building 505, 85 Park Road, Grafton

This presentation will look at some of the early attempts through to current triggered delivery for agricultural use. From early pyrotechnic squib containing devices and electrochemical erosion of metal to tablets layered as if they were in a Pez dispenser for timed delivery of anthelmintics. Pioneering attempts to integrate automated stock handling equipment such as robotic milking machines with implanted computer controlled drug delivery devices will be revisited. Allied alongside agriculture is the need for triggered delivery systems to address threats to food security arising from vermin. The challenges faced with developing such systems for vermin control will be highlighted by the unique characteristics of this wide and varied filed facing those active in this research area. And finally how emerging manufacturing techniques might invigorate these fields will be examined along with suggestions for news research into such an approach for food security, farmed animal health and reproductive management.

Speaker : Dr Craig Bunt, Senior Lecturer in Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Lincoln University