Liggins Institute and Food and Health Programme seminar: The PANDA Project (Physical Activity and Nutrition for Diabetes in Alberta) Event as iCalendar

13 November 2013

12:30 - 1:30pm

Venue: Seminar Room 503-020, Building 503, 85 Park Road, Grafton

The nutrition interventions of PANDA were developed within the context of a 4-A Framework , i.e., that the elements of the intervention must be a dequate (meet Canadian Diabetes Association recommendations), using foods a vailable, a ccessible and a cceptable to Albertans.  To identify barriers and facilitators of the 4-A Framework components, a cross-sectional study of 80 people with Type-2 diabetes were conducted.  Additional elements of PANDA include investigation of healthful properties of foods grown in Alberta, such as pulse, grains, oils, meat and dairy products.

Presented by Professor Catherine Chan , Professor of Human Nutrition and Physiology and Director of the Division of Human Nutrition, University of Alberta, Canada

Professor Chan will demonstrate how their basic nutritional and behavioural research information is used for the development of their intervention.

Current research interests

Professor Chan is currently involving in improving diet in people with Type-2 diabetes with the following projects:

  1. Substantiating a health claim for pulses (beans and peas) and cholesterol-lowering
  2. Physical activity and nutrition for diabetes in Alberta (PANDA): Effectiveness Testing
  3. The Alberta Diet Implementation

For more information, please contact: Miang Lim Email: Phone: +64 9 923 1445