Inaugural Lectures: Professor Mark Elwood - Causes and consequences: a general practice of epidemiology Event as iCalendar

12 November 2013

6 - 7:30pm

Venue: Room 732-201, Building 732, Tāmaki Innovation Campus

Mark Elwood has been Professor of Cancer Epidemiology in the School of Population Health in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, the University of Auckland, since February 2012. He has held senior academic and service positions in Canada, England, and Australia as well as previously in New Zealand, involving the practice of epidemiology and its applications to topics including the aetiology, early diagnosis, and clinical outcomes of cancer, the prevention of birth defects, real and suspected environmental hazards, and health systems and strategies.

This presentation will illustrate some of those experiences and research results, and comment on a few current issues related to cancer in New Zealand.

6pm for hospitality at Function Room 730-220, lecture starts 6.30-7.30pm at Room 732-201