2013 NIHI Symposium on Big Data in Healthcare Event as iCalendar

31 October 2013

8:30am - 5:30pm

Venue: The Auckland War Memorial Museum Events Centre

Will Big Data empower healthcare transformation or just enable Big Brother?

What role can accessing comprehensive and linked data sources - so called Big Data - play in developing effective healthcare interventions? How could we make meaningful use of all the data collected by healthcare providers in all corners of the country each moment of every day?

The healthcare sector is a persistent producer of massive amounts of data, but is this information being harnessed effectively to develop evidence-based practices to improve the delivery of healthcare and to enable improvements in New Zealanders’ health status?

How do we balance the potential good against real fears in respect to privacy or the potential misuse of the information collected from public data sets?

Can the intelligence gathered from analysing big data sets support healthcare practitioners to deliver the most appropriate and effective care to every patient, making decisions based on real-time analytics using real-world data? If the prize is as large as many think and the coming of big data is inevitable, how do we safeguard the rights of patients, providers, organisations and society at large?