Liggins Institute seminar: Research developments, the inspiration from an old friend Event as iCalendar

02 October 2013

4 - 5pm

Venue: Seminar Room 505-003, Building 505, 85 Park Road, Grafton

IGF-1 homeostasis is the key for disease prevention and health maintenance. Impaired IGF-1 homeostasis is associated with many medical conditions, including brain degeneration, insufficient lactation, metabolic diseases and cancer. Thus normalisation, rather than stimulation or inhibition, of IGF-1 function may be a new strategy in disease prevention and intervention.

The seminar will present the latest research development which was inspired after a visit of an old friend, insulin-like growth factor -1 and its rather supper family.

Group Leader: Dr. Jian Guan


Gagandeep Singh Mallah Gemma Philips Panzao Yang Rozey Guillermo

For general information on this talk and the Liggins Seminar Series please contact:

Elise Donovan Email: Phone: 64 9 923 4776