School of Nursing seminar: There’s nothing more we can do: A mixed methods study to explore patient experiences of hospital admission in the last year of life Event as iCalendar

27 September 2013

1 - 2pm

Venue: Room 502-001, Ground floor, Building 502, 85 Park Road, Grafton

In most developed countries, acute hospitals play a significant role in the provision of palliative care.  Hospitals are often the setting where a life threatening diagnosis is made and where patients present when symptoms develop.  For people with chronic non-malignant illnesses, hospitals provide episodic care over many years for illness exacerbations during which death could occur.  Like other areas of health care, palliative care has embraced the advancement of health technologies.  It is now common place to offer interventions to achieve symptom control and improve quality of life which may, in some instances, also extend life.  Many of these interventions can only be provided in a hospital environment and they have radically impacted on the way in which palliative care is delivered.  These factors, along with growing evidence of the costs associated with hospital care in the last year of life, are becoming key drivers at a policy level to reduce the use of acute hospitals by patients with palliative care needs.  However, very little is known about the benefits and burdens of hospital admission from a patient and family carer perspective.

Understanding the contribution acute hospitals make to palliative care provision is essential to ensuring that patients receive the care they need in an appropriate and timely manner.  The aim of this two phased mixed methods study is to explore the role of the acute hospital in the last year of life, with a focus on the benefit and burden of hospital admissions for patients with palliative care needs.

Presented by: Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson is a Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner with the Auckland City Hospital Palliative Care Team.  She also works as a Professional Teaching Fellow at the School of Nursing, University of Auckland.  Jackie is supervised by Professor Merryn Gott, Dr Clare Gardiner and Professor Christine Ingleton.