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23 September 2013

12 - 1pm

Venue: Room 505-364, Building 505, 85 Park Road, Grafton

New Profession, New Generation: exploring the role of community pharmacy in youth health using a youth participation approach

A youth advisory group has guided this PhD project which has investigated ways to improve pharmacy services for young people and increase youth healthcare access. This presentation will summarise the main findings of the four studies we have conducted, and will suggest recommendations on where to go from here in future pharmacy research, policy and practice. The benefits and challenges of working with young people throughout the participatory approach will also be reflected upon.

Presented by Emma Horsfield , PhD candidate

Development of a novel nanoparticulatedelivery system to enhance the oral bioavailability of gemcitabine for the treatment of cancer

As most anticancer drugs are available in injectable forms, improving the feasibility of oral administration of an anticancer drug would offer the advantages of lower systemic exposure of drug, reduced invasiveness and lower cost. The formulation of PLGA based nanoparticles, N-trimethyl chitosan chloride (TMC) and CSKSSDYQC (CSK) modified nanoparticles, as well as cryo-milled pulverized nanoparticles by freezer mill will be introduced, these novel nanoparticulate delivery systems are expected to improve the oral bioavailability of gemcitabine for the treatment of cancer. The two-level full factorial design, and the influence of a range of variables on the characterization studies such as particle size enzymatic degradation, stability, and drug release will be presented.

Presented by Shawn Guanyu Chen, PhD candidate

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