Centre for Longitudinal Research seminar: Modelling the Early Life-Course. The KIWI approach! Event as iCalendar

12 September 2013

12 - 1pm

Venue: Function Room 730-220, Building 730, Tāmaki Innovation Campus

At the COMPASS Research Centre we have developed a Knowledge-based Inquiry system With Intervention/scenario modelling – KIWI - as a decision-support tool for policy-making on issues associated with the early life-course. This has involved using existing data to create a statistically-derived model of early childhood that can be interrogated in a desk-top inquiry system to test policy scenarios. In this presentation we will first outline the way in which we are integrating data across four different New Zealand longitudinal studies. Then, taking just one of those source studies, we will demonstrate how we use counter-factual modelling to test policy-relevant scenarios. Finally, we will show how we have worked with central government agencies to develop this inquiry system

Presented by: Professor Peter Davis

Peter Davis is Professor of the Sociology of Health and Well-Being at the University of Auckland and Director of COMPASS Research Centre, with cross-appointments in Population Health and Statistics. Roy Lay-Yee and Barry Milne are Senior Research Fellow and Research Fellow respectively at COMPASS. The Centre specialises in applying advanced methods to social science data for social and health policy purposes.

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