An evening with Barbara Arrowsmith-Young – The woman who changed her brain Event as iCalendar

14 August 2013

7:30 - 9pm

Venue: OGGB Lecture Theatre 260-098, Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland

Barbara will be speaking about her book and her work with the Arrowsmith Program, a cognitive exercise programme for children with learning disabilities that is in more than 40 schools worldwide, including in Australia and one in New Zealand.  The Arrowsmith Program is founded on neuroscience research and over 30 years of experience demonstrating that it is possible for students to strengthen the weak cognitive capacities underlying their learning dysfunctions through a program of specific cognitive exercises.  The Arrowsmith Program identifies, intervenes and strengthens the weak cognitive capacities that affect learning.  Students are able to capitalise on their increased learning capacities and after a three or four year program can function without special education assistance or program accommodations.