Auckland Cancer Research Network Winter School in anticancer drug development Event as iCalendar

12 July 2013

9am - 5pm

Venue: Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Grafton Campus, 85 Park Road, Grafton


Reasons and mechanisms for developing PI 3-kinase inhibitors.

  • Professor Peter Shepherd
  • Associate Professor Gordon Rewcastle
  • Associate Professor Mark McKeage

Targeting the tumour microenvironment with benzotriazine dioxide bioreductive prodrugs

  • Professor Bill Wilson
  • Associate Professor Mike Hay
  • Dr Andrew McCann

Inhibition of Isoprenylcysteinecarboxyl methyl transferase (ICMT) and GTPase driven Cancer

  • Dr Graeme Stevenson

Cancer Clinical Trials in Auckland – later-stage scope and scale

  • Professor Mike Findlay

New Drug development with a focus on pancreatic cancer

  • Professor Ramesh Ramanathan

A tale of two cancer drug candidates, Forodesine and MTDIA

  • Dr Richard Furneaux

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