Liggins Institute seminar: An interdisciplinary approach to understanding gastrointestinal electrophysiology Event as iCalendar

12 June 2013

4 - 5pm

Venue: Seminar Room 505-003, Building 505, 85 Park Road, Grafton

A healthy digestive system is constantly on the move. The motility of the gastrointestinal tract is underpinned by an electrophysiological event called slow wave activity, which is generated and propagated by a type of pacemaker cells called the interstitial cells of Cajal. Many other physiological factors, such as neural and hormonal factors, also present a significant level of regulation on both slow waves and motility. In this talk, I will present the outcomes of our work on high-resolution electrical mapping of gastrointestinal slow wave activity, as well as developments of mathematical models that have been applied to perform predictive simulations capable of giving further insights to the mechanistic behaviours of slow waves under different physiological conditions. The talk will conclude with a discussion of some of the future work required for a unified understanding of the digestive system.

Presented by: Dr. Peng Du , The University of Auckland

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