Psychological Medicine seminar: "Should doctors be healers or killers?” Event as iCalendar

10 June 2013

12 - 1pm

Venue: William Liley Lecture Theatre, Room 12.058, Building 599, Auckland City Hospital Support Building

“I have consistently argued for intolerable suffering, determined by the person, to be the fundamental criterion for medical assistance, and for the person to be responsible for taking control of the end of their life, with the support of their doctor. I am opposed to the uncontrolled dissemination of lethal information and the uncontrolled availability of a ‘peaceful pill’”.

Presented by: Dr Rodney Syme

Rodney Syme has been in medical practice for 45 years, primarily as a urological surgeon. He graduated from Melbourne University in 1959, and became a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1964. He joined the staff of the Austin Hospital in 1969, the Repatriation General Hospital in 1976, and was head of this combined unit from 1996 to 2001. He was Chair of the Victorian Section of the Urological Society of Australasia in 1990-92, and chair of the Urology Study Group of the Cancer Council of Victoria in 1992-94. He has had extensive experience with cancer patients and with people with severe spinal injuries. From this experience he has come to realize that some suffering at the end of life will only be relieved by death. He believes in the rights of individuals to determine when, where and how their lives will end, and that they should be able to openly seek advice, and if necessary, assistance from a trusted medical practitioner in such matters. He has been an advocate for medically assisted dying for nearly 20 years, and the President of the Dying With Dignity Victoria for 10 years.