Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre seminar: Mouse and rat transgenesis. Mouse haploid embryonic stem (ES) cells’ Event as iCalendar

07 June 2013

1 - 2pm

Venue: Seminar Room 503-024, Building 503, 85 Park Road, Grafton

Gene targeting in mice has pervaded all fields of biomedicine; its impact on the understanding of gene function and its benefits to medicine and health sciences will continue to increase over many years to come. A review of transgenic methodology in rodents including classical DNA pronuclear injection and the latest TALEN’s, Zn finger and CRISPR/Cas approaches will be presented. The inception and progress of the International Knockout Mouse Consortium and KOMP initiative to systematically knock-out the majority of mouse genes will be covered and practical tips for finding transgenic mouse/embryonic stem (ES) cell models for genes of interest with on-line resources will be given. In addition description of the recent announcement of establishment of murine haploid ES cells in multiple labs using multiple methods and its potential to revolutionise research of recessive mutations will be provided.

Presented by:

Dr Peter Sobieszczuk,

Senior Research Fellow, Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre