PharmaTell seminar: New approaches and perspectives in pharmacovigilance for herbal medicines Event as iCalendar

27 May 2013

12 - 1pm

Venue: Room 505-364, Building 505, 85 Park Road, Grafton

Dr Barnes is a registered pharmacist in New Zealand and the United Kingdom; her research explores the use, safety and efficacy of herbal medicines, particularly pharmacovigilance (safety monitoring) of these products. Jo is an honorary consultant to the WHO’s Collaborating Centre for International Drug Monitoring and a member of its herbal safety signal review panel.

High-profile safety concerns associated with the use of herbal medicines (HMs) have had an impact on the public health. Existing pharmacovigilance (drug safety monitoring) methods typically have developed in the context of conventional, prescription medicines; applying them to monitoring safety of HMs presents numerous additional challenges, related to their characteristics and the ways in which HMs are regulated, accessed, used, named, and perceived. This presentation will discuss current methods of pharmacovigilance for HMs, present results from new and modified methods, and give a future perspective on pharmacovigilance of HMs.


: Jo Barnes, Associate Professor in Herbal Medicines, School of Pharmacy, University of Auckland

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