PharmaTell seminar: Solid-state NMR spectroscopy in pharmaceutical research Event as iCalendar

11 March 2013

12 - 1pm

Venue: Room 505-364, Building 505, 85 Park Road, Grafton

Today, solid state NMR (SSNMR) spectroscopy represents an indispensable tool for studying local structure environments. All nuclei with magnetic moments are able to yield detailed information as a local probe in solids. They can yield details about bond angles and distances, neighbouring atoms (1st and 2nd coordination sphere), local symmetry and coordination numbers as well as detailed information about spin dynamic process i.e. about the motion of different structural units and molecular groups. Since NMR is non-destructive, it lends itself to the study of a sequence of changes, chemical and physical, all on the same specimen. The application of different SSNMR techniques includes analysis of solid forms (polymorphs, solvates), hydrogen bonding and crystal packing.

This presentation will describe the use of solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopy to study pharmaceutical solids. The motivation for using SSNMR and an overview of the information obtained using this technique will be discussed. Also, the basics of SSNMR spectroscopy will be presented and several applications to the pharmaceutical field will be reviewed.

Zoran Zujovic

graduated and received his MSc and a DSc in Physical Chemistry from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. After working as a Post-Doctoral researcher at Florida State University he joined the Chemistry Department of the University of Auckland. He has been involved in establishing, developing and carrying out multinuclear solid-state NMR research programmes in The School of Chemical Sciences for different research centres around the world.