Molecular Medicine & Pathology seminar: Dynamics and regulation of T cell exhaustion during chronic infection Event as iCalendar

12 February 2013

3 - 4pm

Venue: Seminar Room 501-505, Building 501, 85 Park Road, Grafton

The Wherry Lab focuses on host-microbial interactions with an emphasis on viral infections. A major goal of the research in Dr Wherry's laboratory is to understand the mechanisms of T cell exhaustion during chronic infections.

Our previous work studying CD8 T cell responses during chronic viral infections has demonstrated that virus-specific CD8 T cells often lose effector functions and fail to acquire key memory T cell properties such as homeostatic proliferation (i.e. become exhausted). Using a variety of approaches including multiparameter flow cytometry, systems biology and global gene expression profiling and genetically modified mice we are defining cellular and transcriptional pathways involved in T cell exhaustion and normal memory T cell differentiation.