Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Hood Fellowship Public Lecture March 2017

Image of Martyn Goulding at Hood Fellowship Public Lecture

Public Lecture by Martyn Goulding: Understanding how the brain works

Last month, our faculty hosted a public lecture by Visiting Hood Fellow Professor Martyn Goulding. The lecture was a great success with a fabulous turnout The AMRF lecture theatre was a full house with more guests in the overflow room, all here to hear Martyn talk about 'Understanding how the brain works: the real challenge'.

In attendance were family, friends, colleagues and members of the general public. Martyn leads his audience on a journey that highlighted the importance of movement to the survival of the individual and the precise and rigorous control of movement by not only the motor neurons but by families of other nerve cells that regulate those cells responsible for movement. 

These findings have been illustrated by cutting edge technologies and novel findings that have led to a new understanding of precisely how movement is controlled by the spinal cord, the audience was left entranced.

Public lectures are a great way of increasing awareness and exposure of the type of research our faculty is involved in and supports. I look forward to more of these this year.

Listen to the audio of the by clicking download below.