Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

How you can help

The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences is acutely aware of our role in ensuring that we maintain a world-class healthcare system in New Zealand. The ability to attract, train and graduate the highest quality teachers, researchers and students is at the heart of our success.

Our research vision incorporates the advancement of scientific discovery and the implementation of new discoveries and technology to find cures and to improve healthcare.

To achieve this vision, many of the activities undertaken at the faculty are dependent on your support, from innovation with direct clinical benefits right through to visionary “blue skies” research. The power of philanthropic support in enabling our researchers to reach their potential is at the centre of many of our most significant research successes over the past 40 years.

With your help we will continue to provide vital resources to educate deserving students, attract and retain excellent staff, drive new research initiatives and build teaching programmes and facilities fit for purpose.