Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Opportunities for students with disabilities

The University and the faculty aim to provide equal opportunities and an inclusive environment for disabled persons who are academically eligible to participate in and complete the core requirements of an academic programme.

If you are a prospective student with a disability and are interested in applying to one or more of the faculty's programmes, or you acquire an impairment during the course of your study, the following information may assist you.

Student Disability Services

Disability Services provides support to students with a wide range of impairments, so that they can succeed and excel within the University. They offer a broad array of services and solutions, and are dedicated to making study an accessible and positive experience.

Further information

Programme information


The following are common characteristics and requirements of the faculty's undergraduate professional programmes (Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine).

The programmes:

  • Involve large amounts of laboratory based study
  • Require high level communication skills (sometimes in noisy clinical environments, and involving young children, older adults, and people with limited English)
  • Require students to be able to work under pressure in stressful contexts
  • Include physically demanding clinical requirements (eg, Structured Clinical Examinations, ward rounds, theatre sessions, and conducting advanced cardiac life support).
  • Focus on preparing students for registration - under the HPCA Act Heads of Schools are required to inform the regulatory authority of any mental or physical impairment that could compromise the ability of a graduate to practice in a competent manner.

Information about specific undergraduate programmes and their requirements



Information about postgraduate study options